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Tips for Doodling!

Use the tools you are most comfortable with

It could be a ballpoint pen, pencil, markers or sketch pen and any kind of paper or material to set the scene! You can also use a tablet or an iPad.

Be comfortable with whatever you use because doodling is to help you relax- doodle your way towards peace, calm and tranquillity!

Explore every avenue your mind calls on, and leave no stone unturned. There is no right or wrong here, so just sit back relax with your tools and doodle!

Doodles DO NOT have to be perfect!

IT IS A DOODLE! It is an expression of your inner self and the way we subconsciously feel or think. So, it is okay if it is messy or imperfect.

There is no particular way of doodling!

The method is to start. JUST START! The technique and the quality of your doodles will improve over time automatically. You will soon figure out your style which will make your doodles exceptional and special!

Doodle whatever you see around you.

Just pick and choose – it could be a book, coffee mug, TV, glass, even your pet! You can doodle just about anything!


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