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Ballet by Tanvi
Paris by Juhi
Space Doodle by Khushi Agarwal
Dad you are the King_By Jiana
Overlapping Doodle
Balloon Doodle By Juhi
End The Stigma_Word Doodle
Stay Home
Geometric Doodle
Doodle everything around you!


Amidst the pandemic, we are trying are best to keep our audiences sane with our LIVE virtual workshops meaning to say that these are not recorded sessions instead - WE ARE THERE TO INTERACT AND TALK ABOUT IT ALL!

Virtual workshops are available for both kids (7-14 years) and adults (anyone above 15 years). For adults specially - our workshops are a combination of both theoretical & practical sessions.

We want everyone to know how important is art in our daily lives and how it plays a major role in our self-care routine!

The Gallery shows the Doodles created by our participants during and after the virtual workshop.

We conduct workshops for corporates as well! You may get in touch with us for the pricing and agenda!

Connect with us on + 919830265154 to know about our upcoming workshops. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated!

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