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Tanvi, Mumbai

Her passion for art is so well portrayed in all her doodles. Her doodles are super creative and just amazing. She is a true artist who constantly inspires others. Ever since I've done her workshop I simply enjoy & love Doodling 💜


Niharika, Kolkata

So creative and SO different, it's unbelievable! The passion flows through her work - and you can feel the artsy vibe sitting miles away while scrolling your news feed!


Ashu, Kolkata

Someone once told me at “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!”

Your work in this is WOW!


Yash, Mumbai

She has a very different way of putting real life's ups & downs in her art! Wonderful artworks!


Architaa, USA

Her art speaks volumes... She need no words. How refreshing it is to see her work, I can proudly say that I own some of the pieces she has produced... And you should too!!




I got in touch with Purple Prose to create a logo for my business and honestly I've never seen anyone as patient as her. She knew exactly what I wanted even when I gave her the most vague requests.
Keep up the good work and thank you so much Purple Prose


Henna, Bangalore

I had a pretty vague idea for a customised gift. Minal helped me translate my idea to a beautiful art form. She was patient throughout the design and review process. She took all feedbacks constructively and incorporated it seamlessly in the art. Thank you Minal! Keep doing the great work

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