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Doodling my way to 30!

Phewww. 30 it is! It feels like a significant milestone because surviving the twenties has been quite an achievement. This voyage has been a journey of making mistakes, learning, becoming independent, learning to love and also heartbreaks; all in all, a lot of trial and error. 

There is just an incredible amount of anxiety with a turbo of emotions, which I feel will always be there with every passing age.

Let me type that again – THIRTY!

I feel this juncture is incredibly worth celebrating. Twenty-nine is such a weird age – there are so many things you want to do all at once. It is about gathering your sh*t and finding an unexplored self as you start a brand-new decade journey! We have so much pressure on how society looks at us- the DO's and DON’Ts that we end up being too hard on ourselves if we have not accomplished everything that we should as we reach a certain age.

I am not hesitant to admit that I have had plenty of these questions too! Like, am I at the right place in my life currently? or am I earning enough for myself/my family? Sometimes even being harsh with myself with statements like I wish I had started this earlier, or If only I could go back in time and do this better, or dealing with those bad emotional breakdowns.


There is beauty in how things unfold for each of us - we need to start hugging that and live in the moment! This last year has been about battling my panic attacks, living alone, resisting my anxieties, and being a sounder version of who I am! It was all about self-love, openness, and regaining my confidence back. And surprisingly, I have never felt so comfortable with just being me. I am a work in progress, I see how far I have come, and that feels pretty proud & awesome!

There is a time in your life when you begin to realise who you are, or at least who it is you desire to be. For me, that’s what my late 20’s were all about! I believe I am only growing closer to that person in the years to come. Undoubtedly, I plan wholeheartedly embrace that woman in me.

Friends and family will always be there, a few to curse and a few who will always have your back. But there will be times when only you have to fight for yourself, speak for yourself and do what is right for you!

To everyone out there, I say be bold and take that risk. Pen a list of things you want to do the MOST and be impatient about doing them. Spend money on experiences. I have been doing that with my partner for the last two and a half years now - Life is definitely a slow climb, but adventures with him make it all thrilling and entertaining! 

I am grateful to my parents, my sisters, friends who became family, my partner - who has witnessed my journey so close ever since we got married and everyone else who has been so splendid about helping me thrive today! All I can say is I feel truly humbled and blessed. God has been very kind, and I cannot wait to see what the forthcoming decade has in store for me. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

Now, I got to get back to doodling my way to the 30s! 



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Poonam Sharma
Poonam Sharma
Jul 31, 2022

Very well written Minal..keep wishes for your future👍👍

Purple Prose
Purple Prose
Aug 02, 2022
Replying to

Thank you :)

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