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Doodling Vs. Drawing - and why we should doodle more often!

I don’t know drawing! Can I doodle? It’s the most popular question that people ask me and so finally, I decided to write a blog post to explain difference between the two!

First, I need to let the secret out: ANYONE, YES! Anyone can doodle!

If YOU know how to put a DOT on a paper using a pen, you can DO- the DOODLE!

So, WHAT IS THE CONFUSION?? Doodling Vs. Drawing

  • Doodling has ZERO restrictions, by this I mean that there is absolutely no pressure to create a specific output! Whereas drawing is more accurate and intentional, that is you NEED to follow specific steps to create the specific output!

  • The art of Drawing is well thought out and composed WHEREAS the art of doodling is intuitive and spontaneous, you go with the flow! Small Caveat: Doodling definitely supports drawing and if you can draw then it’s a bonus for all you doodlers out there! .

THE BIG QUESTION: Why should we Doodle?

Doodling helps one increase their cognitive capacity that is you can improve your memory and focus just by DOODLING (SO COOL! I know, righttttt).

Research suggests that the act of doodling acts as a calming agent, helps one process information better, increases one’s power to grasp new concepts and is a great tool for creative problem solving. Serious doodling can actual create a measurable change in your physical, mental and neurological functioning.

In fact, I strongly feel that Doodling should be a part of one’s Academic Learning! Students should be encouraged to doodle while they make notes to improve retention and assist their learning process. And to top it all off! Doodling, also makes you a better LISTENER. As per a research study, Doodlers retain 29% more information than non-doodlers!

We tend to forget how powerful a blank page is – it serves as a pool of infinite creative thoughts and ideas which can have a huge impact in our lives. Doodling is a powerful tool. Something that can help both kids and adults process complex thoughts and ideas.

Maybe we should all involve ourselves with a little bit more doodling.

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